On a Clear Day

On a clear day, I see a long way

Not one word I hear, none I say

And wait, oh wait for my vessel to arrive

I need my ship and you know I cannot stay

I need to leave if I am to survive

I need to leave to undo the sheath

I need to leave for you to breathe

I need to leave for my tree to flourish

I need to leave, or you will seethe

And that eternal pyre, you will nourish

Day in and day out, it’s all the same

Rising and shining is not really my game

I hide, and wallow, and cry to the moon

I bury my face in the pillow, the sun I blame

And hope against hope that I’ll see you soon

For emotions I have in my heart, I grope

Goodbye my sun, my moon, my hope

I’m ever so far, and you’re ever so remote

With the wind’s loving daughter, I will elope

For I lack the courage to cross the moat

And step into the realm that is made of dreams

And stop the moans and stop the screams

And just take my being by the hand

As my life falls apart at the seams

But who was to know I was made of sand?

I crumble, I collapse, I fall from grace

I wish you had never seen my face

I wish you had turned around and said

I’m not yours, give up the chase!

All of our days would have been made

All of our days would have been made


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