We are, for once, united in grief

I am a Pakistani. I have seen with my own eyes pools of blood left behind by bombings. I once stepped on a charred piece of flesh while trying to avoid the scene of a huge bombing in one of the central thoroughfares of Lahore, my beloved city. I have seen men and women alike bawling at the top of their lungs, or alternatively in a confused daze, as a blood-covered surgeon shakes his head and delivers the tidings of death. I have seen it all. I have heard the cries. I have seen the terror. I have felt it, in my flesh and bones.

In my heart, I have hate. Pure hate, for this mother of all malice.

People of India, most recently New Dehli, if anyone can feel your pain, it’s us. Know that we are united in grief. May god bless us all.


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