Here’s to the Original Krumbine. Here’s to Charly.

I know you are most likely far too disengaged to read emails (or blogs, for that matter) right now, but I thought I’d write this to you anyway.

You and I are nearly the same age. My father is precisely the same age as your father was when he passed away.

The reason for that insane little preamble is this, Jordan my dear friend: I have to make a fairly small amount of effort to empathize with the shock of losing your father so unexpectedly. Even trying to step into your shoes right now brings tears to my eyes, and I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of torment something of this magnitude might entail for you.

Even though I’m just a distant contact over the Internet, please know that you have touched my life deeply, in ways that I may never be able to fully elucidate. I would love to do absolutely anything I can for you in this hour of hurt, as you did a mere week ago for me. I can be that little escape when it starts to get too real for you to handle, even if it is for a little bit. I have now realised – upon re-reading this paragraph – just how absolutely gay that sounds, but I really don’t give a fuck right now.

We have never met each other, and odds are we never will, but I still consider you a close friend. A real friend. So please, remember that I’m here, and regardless of whether or not you choose to cry a little on this Mildewed Muslim’s shoulder, I always will be.

You may not believe in him, but I do. God bless your father, and you, Jordan Krumbine.

Much love.


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