Coke Studio

Hey all.

I just want to pimp out something.

Go to this Youtube channel:

This is a yearly show on Pakistani TV where some of the best musicians in the country (if available) get into a studio and lay out four or five episodes of BRILLIANT BEYOND BRILLIANT music. This is their official YT channel, and all of the performances can be found here. I urge you – if you have nothing better to do of course, or if you love music as much as I do – to go to this channel and start watching from the first video all the way to the last. That order is essential, trust me.

Videos of particular note are the ones involving a duo called “Noori”. They brought the house down, so to speak.

In other news, I rarely find enough time to scratch my head nowadays, let alone post anything here or on Youtube. University is driving me insane again, so let’s hope I’ll be back soon. I’m actually thinking about firing up the old cam once again.

Until then.

PS: The music is mostly Urdu, except for a few songs in Persian and Punjabi, but I’ll be happy to assist should someone actually like it enough to want to know what it all means. 🙂


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