My Doppelganger

I think someone who knows me very well is playing a rather elaborate prank. There just can’t be another explanation for what’s happened over this weekend.

A person – who shall remain unnamed – added me on Facebook. I didn’t know them, so I didn’t add them immediately. Instead, I tried figuring out who they were. So I went through their info, and I was mighty impressed by what I found. A range of interests and inspirations similar to mine.

Then *gasp gasp*, a quote from my favourite poet-philosopher of all time! And note that this poet was Pakistani, so I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised to find that a European person would have even heard about him.

Next came a list of books that I love. Listed as favourite books.

Then people I love.

Then things I love.

All the same. Not like the same genre or something. EXACTLY the same.

I was intrigued. That’s the understatement of the century.

So I left a message on their wall. I told them all this, in a more civilised fashion than I’m relating it all here, of course.

They wrote back.

And then I wrote back.

And I have been writing back ever since.

And we’ve chatted a couple of times.

And I just can’t shake the – at times rather frightening – feeling that I’m talking to myself.

The same interests. The same habits, as far as I can see. The same issues. The same passion. The same apathy.

The same. Period.

Here’s to my doppelganger. I’m glad I met you.


One Response to “My Doppelganger”

  1. the clone Says:

    same amazement and disbelief here

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